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Terms and laws

Do not bring traffic from faucet site

Do not bring traffic from proxies

Do not bring traffic from shortening other links

Do not bring visits from unknown sources or from additions that make the visit have no source

Do not attract visits from sexual and pornographic sources

Do not bring visits from sites that exchange or buy visits

The best is to get real traffic from well-known sources


To withdraw your payment, bring real traffic from well-known and clear sources such as Telegram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc., or blogs. Use real content

❤️ Anyone who brings 2000 visits per day is assigned a high return ❤️


The inconvenience of ringing or calling support is against it and we do not allow it until everyone is answered on a regular basis

It is better to explain the topic fully, attach screenshots, and wait for a response, rather than sending (Hello, worker, I'm telling you, I have a problem)

The best

..........Peace be upon you, my problem is


We make laws to protect your money and do not allow anyone to harm members


Regards, WhatsApp Support Team

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نحن في [اشورت جامبو] نود توضيح أننا لسنا مسؤولين عن أي أخطاء قد تحدث والتي ليست في نطاق سيطرتنا. نحن نسعى جاهدين لتقديم أفضل الخدمات،